The Benefits Of Cocoa Butter

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The cacao bean is quite famous for rendering many different products, the most notable and well loved is of-course, chocolate. However, the cacao bean has other nutritional properties, including those which are found in one of its derivatives; cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is found in more skin care products than one could mention. Everything from hand creams, to foot lotions, anti-aging products to moisturizers. Even shampoos, conditioners and some styling products take advantage of cocoa butter.

As a raw product, it is at its most potent. However certain components can be boosted when combined with other nutrients and compounds for specific applications.

Cocoa butter cream is generally utilized for its exemplary hydration properties, however raw cocoa butter that hasn't been processed is also gaining recognition as a healing agent to reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks on the body.

Damaged skin is quite difficult to repair, and while cocoa butter cannot eliminate the affected tissue, it can lessen the look, making it much less visible. This butter melts at body temperature so the body and skin absorb it readily, allowing it to penetrate beyond the outermost layer of the skin.

Cocoa butter has also gained some good press since the discovery of high levels of CMP (cocoa mass polyphenal) contained within it. The health benefits of CMP have been attributed to reducing asthma and dermatitis by inhibiting the triggering factors that stimulate these diseases. The CMP is also what makes cocoa butter healthy for the heart, and it's also been linked to reducing the risk of cancer.

The calming properties of cocoa butter cream make it a rich and fragrant body lotion. It's reported to relax the body, reducing stress. This makes it a popular ingredient in aromatherapy applications, as well as body creams. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, wonderfully replenished, and, used on a regular basis, the healing properties of cocoa butter can help you maintain a younger, less wrinkled appearance.
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The Benefits Of Cocoa Butter

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This article was published on 2011/01/11